MEMS/neuroscience seminar -Thurs 4:15pm

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Mon Mar 8 10:50:48 PST 2010

CMOS MEMS for Mechanical Sensing and Neuroscience
Oliver Paul, Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK)
University of Freiburg, Germany

Thursday March 11, 4:15pm
Bldg 60,  Room 120 (Main Quad next to Memorial Church)

Piezoresistive mechanical sensing is currently experiencing a 
renaissance stimulated by such novel developments as piezoresistive 
field effect transistors with multiple source-drain contacts and 
sensor elements for the measurement of out-of-plane components of the 
stress tensor. The first part of the talk will present these sensors 
elements from their foundations to the realization of smart sensor 
systems for applications including smart orthodontic brackets, a 
three-dimensional surface coordinate measurement system, and sensor 
chips for packaging reliability studies. The second part is dedicated 
to results of the EU-financed project NeuroProbes, where 
intracortical neural probes for electrical and chemical sensing and 
stimulation have been developed by a consortium of 15 partners. 
CMOS-integrated microneedle probes with up to 188 electrode sites 
have advanced the state of the art in spatial resolution by such 
probes, enabling a richer picture of intracortical communication 
processes to be obtained. Finally, these two lines of research will 
be merged by the description of microneedle-shaped stress sensor 
arrays. These structures are designed to help neuroscientists to 
understand and minimize the mechanical probe-brain interaction during 
penetration and acute and chronic experiments.
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