FWD: available postdoc position on ultrafast optics

Linyou Cao linyouc at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 11 22:50:13 PST 2010

We are writing to seek several postdoctoral associates for attosecond 
investigations of nanomaterials.  Through the good fortune of a Keck 
Foundation grant and a Senior Faculty Defense Fellowship (NSSEFF - 
Leone), we are building additional laboratories to produce isolated 
attosecond pulses by high harmonic generation and to use these pulses 
to study transient absorption and photoelectron spectroscopy of 
semiconductor and metal nanoparticles.   Problems range from plasmon 
oscillations and dephasing to exciton formation and decay. 
Successful candidates will ideally be adept with or willing to learn: 
carrier envelope phase stabilized lasers, high harmonic generation, 
and x-ray optical hardware, the building and maintaining of 
substantial vacuum equipment for the investigations, and solid state 
scientific expertise.  There are almost certainly opportunities in 
our operational gas phase attosecond laboratories as well. 
Interested candidates should write to either or both of us, send a CV 
and an email with a summary of graduate grades, and have three 
letters of reference sent to us by email.

Steve Leone (srl at berkeley.edu)

Dan Neumark (neumark at berkeley.edu)
Stephen R. Leone
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Department of Chemistry
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

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