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hi everyone,
shameless self-promotion for the below talk.  i hope you can make:

A Start-up’s Efforts in DNA Sequencing via Electron Microscopy

J Provine, PhD

Stanford University / Halcyon Molecular


There has been significant progress in the past decade to improve the speed
and accuracy of genomic sequencing.  This technological effort is reaching
critical mass as many commercial and academic efforts have continued to
increase the pace of innovation.  The goal for all those concerned is how to
get a complete read of every single base in a genome for low cost (ie <
$1000) and at high speed (ie less than 1 hour).  In this talk, I will
introduce some of the major challenges and players in this effort, discuss
our work at Halcyon Molecular and in particular the role of nanostructures
and micromachining, and finally give a few short thoughts and lessons
learned as a young academic trying to help a start-up.


J Provine received BA (in Physics), BS (Electrical Engineering), and Masters
(also Electrical Engineering) degrees from Rice University in 1998 and 1999.
He then received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University
in 2005 for work on all optical wavelength routers.  During his PhD he was
able to work at the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center where he also was a
post-doc for 2005 working on integration of plasmonic filters and MEMS
actuators.  Since 2006, he has been a research associate at Stanford
University working with the Center for Interfacial Engineering in MEMS.  In
September 2009, he joined Halcyon Molecular part time to aid in their
nanofabrication efforts.  Before November 2008, you could fit everything he
knew about DNA sequencing on this page.
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