SNF Personal Chemicals in Flammables Storage

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Mar 25 17:33:54 PDT 2010

Greetings labmembers:

Because of space and organizational concerns, storage class L personal 
chemicals are being moved from the Flammables cabinets in epi2 area out 
to the service area where there is a nice, new flammables cabinet.   The 
plan is to keep all personal-use chemicals in this new cabinet.  The two 
Flammables cabinets in the epi2 area will be dedicated to SNF-supplied 
chemicals.  This means we will be able to stock more high-use chemicals 
-- and hopefully avoid running out of Remover PG over a busy weekend.

If you have personal-use chemicals in the Flammables cabinets, please 
take a few minutes to make sure they are dated.  If they are no longer 
in use, please dispose of them.  If new yellow labels are needed, 
contact Mahnaz or other staff to get new ones.  Outdated and unlabeled 
chemicals are subject to removal from the lab. 

Any questions, please contact the....

Litho team


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