Reminder: PhD Dissertation Defense of Joseph Sulpizio, 11/3 9AM

Joey Sulpizio jopizio at
Wed Nov 3 00:23:05 PDT 2010

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 1:57 PM, Joey Sulpizio <jopizio at> wrote:
> Ph.D. Candidate:  Joseph A. Sulpizio
> Research Advisor:  David Goldhaber-Gordon
> Date:  Wednesday, November 3, 2010
> Time:  9AM
> Location: McCullough 335
> Title:  Ballistic Transport in Quantum Hole Wires
> Abstract:  Recent experiments on ballistic electron transport in
> semiconductor nanowires have revealed a rich set of phenomena
> associated with one-dimensional (1D) quantum systems.  In this thesis,
> we present measurements of hole transport in ballistic quantum wires
> fabricated by GaAs/AlGaAs cleaved-edge overgrowth (CEO), as hole
> transport in GaAs is expected to exhibit enhanced effects of
> electron-electron interactions and spin-orbit coupling as compared
> with transport of electrons.  To interpret these results, we have
> developed a new, broadly-applicable approach to analyzing the
> transport measurements of a ballistic 1D quantum system.  We validate
> our analysis approach using nonlinear conductance data of both
> electron and hole CEO quantum wires, where we find evidence for the
> importance of charge interactions.  Applying our analysis to
> measurements of hole transport in magnetic field, we find strong
> g-factor anisotropy, which we associate with spin-orbit coupling.
> Finally, we present the first observation of a predicted "spin-orbit
> gap" in the 1D density of states, where counter-propagating spins are
> accompanied by a clear signal in the conductance.

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