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Subject: EE PhD Oral Examination - Kosar B. Parizi, Tuesday, November 23, 2010;	4:15pm

Stanford University Oral Defense - Department of Electrical Engineering 

Nano-bridge Array Biosensors for Low Concentration Detection of DNA Hybridization 

Kosar B. Parizi ( kosarb at stanford.edu ) 

Advisor: Professor Yoshio Nishi 

Nov. 23 rd 2010 @ 4:15 pm 

(refreshments at 4:00 pm) 

P. Allen Building, CISX 101 


Electrical biosensors provide real time and label free detection. Conductance biosensors are a class of electrical biosensors that show promise for point-of-care and disease discovery due to real time, low cost, ease of miniaturization and label-free operation. However, it is critically important for electrical biosensors to have enough high sensitivity for low-concentration detection of bio-species, which is still missing today. We have introduced Nano-bridge biosensor as an improved structure with leads to higher Signal to Noise Ratio. In compare with other planar electrical biosensors, such as Semiconductor Nanowire Biosensors, the nano-bridge array biosensor has significant improvement in signal to noise ratio, active exposed surface, and lower target bio-species detection. The devices have been fabricated and tested for detection of DNA hybridization different conference. 

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