Asking dry/wet recipes

Seongjae Cho scho at snowboard.Stanford.EDU
Sat Nov 27 15:24:11 PST 2010


This is Seongjae Cho at Prof. Harris Group.
I'm writing an e-mail to ask you some process recipes regarding etches.

I have GeSn (Sn composition of 3.5%) on GaAs substrate.
I'm on the point of dry-etching the GeSn layer with Cr hard mask
but I have no preceding process results on this, so
I need advice on the allowed equipment (maybe pquest or drytek4) and
etchant gas (gas ratios) for GeSn etch.

After getting a micro-wide pillar of GeSn, I need to wet-etch the GaAs sub
to get undercut beneath: tentatively, 1 um between the GeSn and the
sustaining GaAs pillar perimeters. The appropriate solution ratios seem
to be required for this quite large dimension etch out.

Since it is only few days since stepped in the SNF, your pieces of advice
will be of great help until I get significantly accumulated knowledge.
Especially I have only two samples for test runs,
I have to steel it very effectively.
I welcome any information or suggestions.
Thank you. Have a good weekend.

- Sincerely, Seongjae.

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