EE412 Projects on the Lab wiki

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Oct 1 19:51:53 PDT 2010

Greetings labmembers --

EE412 has begun and 18 enthusiastic labmembers have just put together 
their project proposals.  You can see them on the Lab wiki at:

The EE412 students will be clocking in a lot of lab time in the next 8 
weeks.  Please offer them your support and advice as they work to help 
the lab.  And if there are any lab concerns, please contact one of us 
(the project mentors.)

Thanks for your attention --

Jim McVittie
J Provine
Jason Parker
Ed Myers
Mahnaz Mansourpour
Mary Tang

*EE412 is a team project-based class with the aim to develop, 
characterize and document processes that will be of value to the SNF lab 
community.  The instructors are Profs. Howe, Solgaard, and Priutt.

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