Nanosociety Meeting TOMORROW Friday @ 12:00 pm, McCullough 115: High Speed Water Sterilization using One Dimensional Nanomaterials

Jared Schwede schwede at
Thu Oct 14 08:54:53 PDT 2010

For the first nanosociety meeting of the new school year, Dr. David Schoen, a graduate of the Cui Group, will be presenting his latest research on high speed water sterilization at 12pm in McCullough 115. 

FREE PIZZA will be served at 11:55 am. 

High Speed Water Sterilization using One Dimensional Nanomaterials 

David Schoen 

Department of Materials Science and Engineering 

Graduate of the Cui Group 

The removal of bacteria and other organisms from water is an extremely important process, not only for drinking and sanitation, but also industrially as biofouling is a commonplace and serious problem. We here present a textile based multiscale device for the high speed electrical sterilization of water using silver nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and cotton. This approach, which combines several materials spanning three very different lengthscales with simple dying based fabrication, makes a gravity fed device operating at 80,000 L/(hr*m 2 ) which can inactivate >98% of bacteria with only several seconds of total incubation time. This excellent performance is enabled by the use of an electrical mechanism rather than size exclusion to remove the bacteria, while the very high surface area of the device coupled with large electric field concentrations near the silver nanowire tips allows for effective bacterial inactivation. 
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