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Hello Labmembers,

Have any of you had experience with plating ~30 microns of Cu  (or Au or Cr
or Al) on a substrate? 

I am looking for flexible sheets of about 30 microns cu on both sides. 

1.       I have a flexible plastic sheet (can sustain ~130C), can I send it
somewhere for electroplating 

2.      Can I try electroless plating myself in lab or send it out
somewhere? Electroless plating  of cu would use palladium (Pd) or tin (Sn)
are common seed layer materials (which I can deposit in innotec).  Pd and Sn
alloys are created by dipping in SnCl2 or PdCl2 solutions => autocatalytic
reaction of metal ions from the solutions occurs. initial copper nucleation
on Pd is believed to occur because of the catalysis of the dissociation of


thank you





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