AutoCAD mask design

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Why Autocad? Isn't that a bit expensive for mask design purposes?

However, here is how you can do it:

Option 1: Export your L-Edit files in L-Edit to DXF format. Autocad can open that. However, I am not sure if L-Edit at Stanford has the export-to-DXF capability or not.

Option 2: Export your L-Edit files in L-Edit to GDSII (aka GDS2 ?) format. I know for a fact that I often used to do that in the past at Stanford's L-Edit workstation. You can then open the GDSII files in other layout editing programs, such as the open-source LayoutEditor. From within LayoutEditor, you can definitely save your file as DXF, which Autocad can then open.

In general, I have always liked LayoutEditor for mask design. It has a live mouse button legend which helps you get started, and in many ways I find it to be better and more predictable than L-Edit. It used to be free, too. The last full-featured free version was saved buy some Stanford-affiliated guy and can be found here:

The newer versions cost between $20 and $600 for academic users, depending on the license, see here:

One unusual feature is that the newer LayoutEditor can read and write Gerber files, and also save them as DXF and GDSII files. So you can even view, edit, and convert your Gerber PCB designs within LayoutEditor if necessary. 


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I need to switch from LEdit to AutoCad for mask design.  Can anyone give me a brief introduction tutorial on AutoCAD or help me to Convert L-Edit files to AutoCAD format?

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