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Wed Mar 30 14:31:15 PDT 2011

Hi All,
This is a question for all who are/will be interested in metal etching. We
are in the process of nailing down the specs for a new inductively coupled
plasma metal etcher for SNF.  I would like to solicit input from lab members
as to what would be critical for them.
In the wish list we already have the following:

Metals to be etched :

 Au,Ag,Pt, Ti, Cr, Ni, Al

Wafer Size:
4" to pieces

Etch depth:
up to 400nm

5%  over wafer

Shooting for <5nm rms. Seems like it varies a lot with metals and chemistry
vs sputter etc.

>85 deg

Depends on chemistry and metal. Quite a range

Please go ahead and add whatever you feel is important so that we can try to
include it in the new system.

Thanks a lot,

Anu Chandran
Materials Science & Engineering
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