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Reconfigurable Optics Based on Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
Prof. Sindy K. Y. Tang
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University


*Abstract: *

Optofluidics, a new class of optical devices with optical interfaces 
formed between two liquids, possess unique characteristics that are not 
achievable in conventional solid-state optical systems. In optofluidic 
systems, it is possible to reconfigure and fine-tune the optical output 
in real time by manipulating liquid composition or the shape of the 
liquid-liquid interface dynamically. In addition, liquid-liquid 
interfaces are intrinsically smooth as a result of minimization of 
interfacial energy. Polishing is thus unnecessary. Furthermore, it is 
straightforward to obtain a graded profile of refractive index by taking 
advantage of diffusion between miscible liquids possessing different 
refractive indices to create devices such as GRIN lenses. This talk 
focuses on the design and development of optical components based on 
dynamic liquid-liquid interfaces in microfluidic systems: liquid 
waveguides, lenses, and multi-color droplet dye lasers.

*Short Bio:*
Sindy K.Y. Tang joined the faculty of Stanford University in September 
2011 as an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical 
Engineering. She received her B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from 
California Institute of Technology in 2003, M.S. from Stanford 
University in 2004, and Ph.D. from Harvard University in Engineering 
Sciences in 2010. Dr. Tang's research interests include optofluidics, 
microfluidics and nanophotonics for the development of tools for biology 
and smart materials.

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