Local Glue Challenge

Sonny Vo svo at stanford.edu
Sun Nov 13 13:42:25 PST 2011

Hello Labmembers,
Good Afternoon! I am working on an ambitious project to spread peace and
love across our pale blue dot of a planet. The only thing stopping me from
succeeding is the inability to merge two plastic sheets together locally,
meaning, gluing it to within a 1mm diameter BUT still keep this spot
transparent.  I believe this is a non-trivial challenge so
*if you recommend a technique or machine that can do this successfully AND
easily, i will hand deliver a lunch of your choice and give you a 5 minutes
back massage while you enjoy lunch since you are the super star of SNF in
my eyes (see p.s. note for details of this lunch)*

details of challenge:
Take for example, two transparency sheets (mylar). i JUST need to glue
them/merge them together at a specified point between them that is* less
than or around 1mm* in diameter. It's just as simple as that. i'd also like
it to be as optically transparent as possible. If you absolutely need the
reason for such a strange request, just convince yourselves that i am
designing posters for the Occupy Wall Street movements.

Anyhow, I have used all sorts of glue: plastic-plastic specialty glue,
'gorilla glue', 'krazy glue', 'let's get gluing,' 'glue-on it,'  etc. but
it's quite difficult to get a local 1mm spot since these glues smear.
pipette methods, double-sided tape have their deficiencies. I'd like to do
this with higher precision and have the glued spot to stick together
permanently (like a laminator machine but local!-This will win the lunch if
you can give me the details!).
I checked online and the only non glue-based technique i found were Hot-gas
welding, vibration welding, ultrasonic welding, induction welding and
dielectric welding ( Read more: Plastic Welding Processes | eHow.com

I tried soldering iron which works but leaves behind a burned spot.



*( lunch has to be an on campus eatery and *no more *than $10); only winner
will be notified*
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