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The SNF Staff in conjunction with Imina Technologies is pleased to present:


Monday December 5, 2011

The miBots™ are coming! Do you have a need for manipulation or sensing 
small samples in a microscope? If so, we invite you to see these novel 
nanopositioners for yourself at the Stanford NanoFabrication Facility in 
a FREE, hands-on workshop on December 5th in the Paul Allen Building, 
Auditorium Room 101X.

Designed especially for light microscopy, SEMs and FIBs, these 
affordable, easy-to-use mini robots are virtually untethered and free to 
move independently, opening new vistas for manipulation and testing at 
the macro, micro, or nanoscale. Working individually or in groups, the 
miBot™ uses a variety of tools such as grippers, probes, and optical 
fibers so that, in addition to manipulating the sample, they can 
illuminate a nano workspace and conduct force or electrical 
measurements. Robust, mechanically and thermally stable, and 
vacuum-ready, these tiny trojans are a great, customizable solution for 
maneuvering and testing cells, nanostructures, semiconductor devices, 
LEDs, and MEMs.

miBots will be working in the Paul Allen Building, Auditorium Room 101X 
from 10 AM till Noon.

For more information, or to register for workshop, click here 
Imina will contact you in the week before the workshop to confirm and 
provide a map and directions.

Want to learn more? Visit us at or give Tom Levesque a call 
at (972) 318-0196.

SNF Staff
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