Etching Away HSQ

James W. Conway jwc at
Mon Oct 10 12:03:05 PDT 2011

2% HF (1:50) like we have on wbnonmetal and BOE will both etch off HSQ.  
I normally perform a Piranha clean in the 9:1 H2SO4:H2O2 before the HF 
dip to remove organics...

See me if you have questions during my office hours.


On 10/9/2011 6:43 PM, Robert Chen wrote:
> Hi Labmembers,
> Does anyone have experience etching away HSQ masks patterned using 
> e-beam? Looking for recipes, etch rates, and general considerations.
> Thanks,
> Robert Chen
> Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate
> Harris MBE Group, Stanford University

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