Potential Suppliers for Silicon Wafers with P-N Pattern

Yannis Petousis petousis at stanford.edu
Tue Oct 18 17:36:36 PDT 2011

We need a silicon wafer with a large number of exposed lateral p-n junctions (10-100nm wide) on the surface of the wafer. The actual pattern is not so important but a simple design we could think of, was alternating p and n strips that extend laterally on the wafer surface (the longer the strips, the better), i.e. if you were to look on our wafer from the top, you should see a "zebra" pattern of p and n. In other words, the top view should look similar to the cross-section of a different wafer which has stacked p and n layers vertically. Dopant and orientation are not particularly important. 

Do you know of any suppliers that would be able to fabricate this?


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