Using phosphorus spin on dopant

Suyog Gupta suyog at
Wed Oct 26 14:43:52 PDT 2011

Dear Labmembers,

Does anybody have experience of using phosphorus spin on dopants (SOD)? I
have the P509 SOD (~ 10% Phos) from Filmtronics. Here is the process flow
that I've tried on epi-Ge substrates:

1. Coat : 3000rpm for 10s
2. Bake : 200C, 2 mins on a hotplate
3. RTP : 600C, 10s, Forming Gas ambient
4. SOD removal : 6:1 BOE, 2 min.

Few issues that I'm facing right now:

1. The SOD film develops some cracks after baking.
2. It's hard to remove the SOD film after RTP. Even a longer BOE clean
doesn't seem to get rid of all the residue.

Any suggestions/tips on how to work with this SOD will be much appreciated!

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