Precious Metals Charging Policy Change

Ed Myers edmyers at
Mon Oct 31 16:48:17 PDT 2011

SNF Lab Members,

Starting tomorrow (11/1/11), SNF will begin charging for SNF purchased 
precious metal used in our metal systems (Innotec, Metallica, 
Intlvac_Evap and Intlvac_Sputter).

Please note the cost of the precious metals will not fall under the cap 
and will be added as an additional charge each month.

We expect to purchase over $300,000 in metals this year and the cost 
needs to be passed on to the users of those metals.  Users will weigh 
targets before and after usage and log those values in the logbook and 
on Coral.  Coral will require both weights before allowing users to 
disable the metal deposition system.

We will be charging the metals at the spot price SNF paid.  We will 
update the charges as new batches of metals are purchased and released 
for use.  Currently, the metal price we paid results in a billing rate of:
Gold: $47.40 per gram
Platinum: $63.12 per gram
Palladium: $25.96 per gram
Iridium: $41.86 per gram

For reference a 100nm deposition requires approximately 4.5 grams of gold.

Coral is set up to input all metals used in the systems.  Please weight 
all of your targets and sources and input the data into Coral.  We have 
scales on order for each metal system, but they have not arrived.  Until 
the new scales arrive, please us the scale located on the Innotec work 
bench for weighing your metals.
(Please report any Coral glitches, error or bugs that you see to me so 
we can document them and get them addressed)

For the next four Mondays in November we will reserve extra time in our 
Process clinics (2:00pm in the area near Mahnaz's desk) for users who 
would like to talk about moving their processes to other metals.

SNF Staff

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