Fwd: Smells in the lab

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Thu Sep 29 16:38:18 PDT 2011

Hi Lab Users,

We have had several reports of smells in the lab this week during the
evening hours.  Please continue reporting smells you notice.

I would also ask you to send me a description of the smell, time,
location of even minor smells.  We are trying to see if there is some
pattern that will help us find the cause.

One of the smell was reported near the LPCVD furnaces so we are going to
clean/inspect more of the LPCVD exhaust/burnbox assembly.  We clean the
burnbox every week but tomorrow we will clean the manifold were the
individual exhaust lines join and enter the burnbox.  This extra
cleaning was scheduled for the shutdown but the reported smell in our area has us
looking at everything.

Again, please continue reporting anything you notice.


maurice at stanford.edu

Maurice Stevens
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
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