Nanoink Dip Pen Litho Workshop, 4/18/12

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Apr 5 17:57:04 PDT 2012

Hi all --

You may have seen (and been inconvenienced by) the construction work 
going on in the former Maintenance shop adjacent to the lab.  Your 
patience will soon be rewarded -- this will become the new 
nano-Structure Integration Lab.  The nSiL will be a shared lab for 
chemical and nano processes not normally allowed in the main lab.  Now 
that we will soon have a new space, we are now in the process of 
defining what goes into the space and how it will be used.  If you would 
like to join in on the conversation, stay tuned in coming weeks.  Or 
drop me a note.

One of faculty wishlist capabilities is dip pen nanolithography.  So 
Nanoink has agreed to hold a workshop/demo of their newest offering.  
This will be on April 18, in the Annex Auditorium, from 10-3, with lunch 
provided.  Attendees are welcome to bring samples to test (though I'd 
suggest contacting Nanoink in advance so that everyone can be prepared.) 
Please see the attached for details. Registration is limited.

The workshop is open to all.

Cheers --


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