making tiny through holes in glass substrate

Ben Jian ben.jian at
Thu Apr 5 21:24:33 PDT 2012

Hi Labmembers,

I am trying to find a cheap way to make some through holes in glass or 
fused silica.  This is for a prototype device.  The holes are 135um +/- 
10um and can have loose tolerance.  The glass substrate thickness should 
be at least 100um.  The hole profile is not very important.  We want to 
make a small number of holes (say 4x4) with a pitch of 500um.  We have 
looked into laser drilling but the price is too high for us ($3000).  It 
seems that very small diameter diamond drills of this diameter exist but 
I don't know who can provide this service, because air bearing drilling 
machines are required.  Does anyone have a low cost solution?  Thank you.


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