making tiny through holes in glass substrate

Ofer Levi levi at
Sun Apr 8 20:40:59 PDT 2012

Hello Steve and Ben,
Not sure if you have checked this already but for larger holes, the 
crystal shop at the nano building next to CIS used to provide hole 
drilling service in Quartz wafers. You can ask Tim how small can he 
drill the holes, but it is worthwhile checking. It also depends on the 
tolerance for the distance between holes.


On 4/6/2012 7:44 AM, Steve Kramer (sjkramer) wrote:
> Ben,
> I have used Ceramic Tech in Freemont to have wafer pockets milled into quartz blank wafers.  They may be able to provide the hole drilling service, or suggest someone who can.  I'm quite surprised that the laser drilling company was so expensive.
> e-mail:  kanu at
> Please tell them Micron Technology sent you.
> Regards,
> Steve
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> Subject: making tiny through holes in glass substrate
> Hi Labmembers,
> I am trying to find a cheap way to make some through holes in glass or
> fused silica.  This is for a prototype device.  The holes are 135um +/-
> 10um and can have loose tolerance.  The glass substrate thickness should
> be at least 100um.  The hole profile is not very important.  We want to
> make a small number of holes (say 4x4) with a pitch of 500um.  We have
> looked into laser drilling but the price is too high for us ($3000).  It
> seems that very small diameter diamond drills of this diameter exist but
> I don't know who can provide this service, because air bearing drilling
> machines are required.  Does anyone have a low cost solution?  Thank you.
> Ben

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