Mike Roco seminar TODAY, 5:30, LKS Center 130

Roger T. Howe rthowe at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 12 09:35:20 PDT 2012

A chance to see the big picture of US nanotechnology policy, from one of 
its senior authors.

Date: TODAY!
Time: 5:30-6:30
Location: Li Ka Shing Center, School of Medicine, Room LK 130
Reception following in lobby of LKS

Dr. Mike Roco
Senior Advisor on Nanotechnology
National Science Foundation

20 Years to Develop Nanotechnology: 2000 - 2020


Twenty years is the estimated time scale to develop nanotechnology from 
basic interdisciplinary
concepts in 2000 to create a general purpose technology with mass and 
sustainable use by 2020
(“Nanotechnology Research Direction” NSTC 1999). This presentation 
outlines the outcomes in
the last ten years, what has worked and what has not, the current 
status, and most importantly how we
prepare now for the future (see “Nanotechnology Research Directions for 
Societal Needs in 2020”
Springer 2011 www.wtec.org/nano2/). There is an increased focus on 
nanoscale science and
engineering integration, convergence with biology and other scientific 
domains, and establishing a
general-purpose technology. Use of “direct” investigative tools and 
fundamental knowledge
progress through breakthroughs remain essential in still formative phase 
of development of
nanotechnology in 2012. The labor and markets are estimated to double 
each three years,
reaching a $3 trillion market encompassing 6 million jobs by 2020. It 
will be imperative over the
next decade to focus on four distinct aspects of nanotechnology 
development: better
comprehension of nature and communication leading to knowledge progress; 
technology, economic
and societal solutions leading to material progress; international 
collaboration on sustainable
development and quality of life leading to global progress; and people 
working together for equitable
governance leading to moral progress.

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