Seminar: SARFUS Technology for optical enhancement of nm-scale features

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Apr 12 14:11:21 PDT 2012

Hi all --

There will be a presentation by Nanolane, a company with a new form of optical microscopy capable of detecting nano-objects that is called surface-enhanced ellipsometric contrast microscopy (SEEC) (

The technique's power lies in the use of contrast-enhancing substrates called Surf slides:, they behave as though the diffraction limit along the z-axis was overcome. All sorts of nanomaterials can be imaged and measured by SEEC and its mesuring extension (quantitative SEEC), in particular organics:  but not only. On top of that, SEEC's high sensitivity to refractive index gradients makes it particularly appealing to the imaging of microscopic objects such as cells.

We believe such a non-invasive technique is quite complementary to other nanocharacterisation tools and could be used on a daily basis in labs to take a first look at a system prior to turning to more involved techniques.

This will be in the Allen 101 Conference room (not 101X) at 10 am on Friday, April 13.

(I saw this at the MRS and invited them to Stanford.  They have commercially available substrates that can be processed using most conventional fab methods -- and can be used to visualize nm-scale films and features, such as DNA, ALD films, CNT's...  Very cool.)


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