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SNF Lab Members:

A number of you have gotten reminders from me that you have forgotten to 
enter run data for a number of your metalization runs on the innotec, 
metalica, or intlvac_sputter.  In fact, a number of you got such a 
message from me yesterday .... and most of you have yet done nothing to 
fix this.

I've created a new xReporter report named My Missing Rundata that you 
will find under the Activity Reports category that will search for your 
equipment usage that seems to be missing run data during a particular 
month.  By default it will show you all equipment usage that is missing 
run data for the current month.  That search can be moved to other 
months or can be limited to a specific tool (AKA item in the report) 
such as the innotec.

Hopefully, this will help you to find and fix equipment usage that is 
missing run data.  The most frequent cause of missing run data is a 
situation when someone enables over your enable.  On a busy tool such as 
the innotec, this happens fairly frequently.

To fix this, click the History panel in the main Coral client and locate 
the equipment usage record that is missing run data.  If it occurred 
prior to two weeks ago, the history panel can move backwards in time in 
two-week increments by selecting the History Actions menu item and then 
the "Previous" function.  Similarly, the "Next" function will move you 
two weeks further forward.

Once you find an activity that you believe to have either missing or 
incorrect rundata, double click that entry in the history panel.  That 
will show you the details of that equipment usage.  Click "OK" and it 
will either show you existing rundata and give you the option to adjust 
it or prompt you to enter new rundata.

Note: in some cases, you may not have done an actual deposition.  The 
easiest way to handle this is to select a single layer deposition 
process (so that you need to enter minimal data), select "Aluminum" as 
the metal, and enter something like "1.0" for both the start weight and 
final weight and then enter something like "No deposition done" in the 
comment field.

Because we are now charging for precious metal usage, we need run data 
entered for ALL runs .... even if you did not deposit a precious metal 
... so that we don't get error messages when we run the nightly accounting.

As a reminder, I've attached the file from this morning that shows uses 
of the innotec, metalica, and intlvac_sputter for this month that are 
currently missing run data.  Please fix this for us quickly as we are 
rapidly approaching the end of the month.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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