"Green Container" at Shipping and Receiving for Recycling Small Electronic Devices

Maureen Baran mbaran at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 27 15:25:40 PDT 2012

Dear All,


This past Monday, we received our own "Green Container" for Small
Electronic Devices and more.


This container is housed between the back doors of the loading dock and
the US Mail slots of the Allen Building.


The waste that is accepted and can be happily recycled are:


.         Cellular phones

.         Personal digital assistants (i.e. Palm Pilots),

.         Pagers, CDs, DVDs, Telephones,

.         Empty Printer/Toner/Ink jet Cartridges, 

.         Other small non-capital electronic waste


Waste NOT accepted are:


.         Computers, Monitors, and other capital electronic equipment 


Please contact your Department Property Administrator for appropriate
disposal of capital equipment


Kenny Green kennygee at stanford.edu - DPA for the Allen Building / Allen

Maureen Baran mbaran at stanford.edu - DPA for SNF.


One last thing, if you want to recycle your "curley q" light bulbs you
can.  We ask that you wrap them up in a plastic bag so if they break in
transport they are contained.


Thank you,






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