Plasma-Therm Technical Workshop: Fundamentals of Plasma Processing (Etching and Deposition)

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SNF and Plasma-Therm would like to invite you and your team members to 
attend the Plasma-Therm Technical Workshop: Fundamentals of Plasma 
Processing (Etching and Deposition) to be held at the Stanford 
University on September 10 and 11, 2012.

The Workshop is intended to provide understanding and insight to those 
working with plasma etching and deposition processes and equipment. The 
goal is to help researchers make faster progress on projects requiring 
plasma processing. The course has been very well received at Harvard, UC 
Berkeley, UCLA, Notre Dame, USF, IMRE, Israel, and Lund University. 
Graduate students, post docs, professors, and staff have all found the 
material useful.

The format encourages questions and we hope attendees take advantage of 
the opportunity for networking and discussing their projects. The 
workshop is meant to encourage cooperation within the academic and 
industrial research communities.

Please be assured that the course is not an advertisement about 
Plasma-Therm products.  Aside from a very brief 15 min introduction to 
Plasma-Therm, the rest of the day is dedicated to education on 
fundamentals and advanced etching and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor 
deposition technology. Presentation materials are equally useful to 
those that do and do not have our equipment.

Details regarding the Workshop objectives, agenda, location, and speaker 
can be found on the attached flyer.

Please note that the workshop is free and registration is requested 
online by August 31, 2012 at the website:

SNF Staff and Plasma-Therm
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