Challenges and opertunities of Lithium Air Batteries - guest lecture by Scheffler Rouven

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Mon Aug 13 06:24:25 PDT 2012

Hi all:

I just wanted to let you know that on Tuesday 8/14/12 a guest ­ Dr Scheffler
Rouven ­ will speak about challenges, and opportunities of Lithium air
battery in my class. He is a core scientist at VW and works closely with IBM
on this subject. You are welcome to attend this lecture.

Best regards,
Rainer Fasching
Mechanical Engineering Admin. (02-530)
440 Escondido Mall 
Bldg. 530 Room 127
Tuesday 8/14/1012
10:00-12:00 AM

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Hi all --
Fellow labmember, Rainer Fasching,  is teaching a new course on
 Applied Electrochemistry ­ Advanced Batteries ME420 - Syllabus, Summer
 This class is build around applied electrochemistry with focus on energy
conversion and storage. Basic concepts of electrochemistry are presented, of
which the fundamentals of electrochemical energy conversion/storage are
built. Electrochemical methods of energy conversion and storage are
discussed with emphasis on thescaling behaviors.
Advanced battery concepts/systems and their applications (electrical vehicle
and grid) will be a main subject of this year. High energy density battery
technologies (beyond intercalation materials) and the influence on
nano-structured materials/architecture will be discussed. Here the class
will focus on challenges, solutions, and future perspectives of high
capacity materials in closed systems (e.g. Li-ion, F-ion, flow batteries) as
well as open systems (e.g. Li-air).
In addtion solid-state electrolytes with their potential for all solid-state
batteries will be introduced this year.
Journals articles and book chapters will be used for in class discussion to
emphasize on current research and challenges.
 Goal of the course:
 To introduce you to the fundamentals, modern methods, and current
 trends of applied electrochemistry:
 Understand the basic concepts of electrochemistry for energy storage
 Gain familiarity with advanced battery technologies and current trends
 Build confidence and knowledge to deal independently with electrochemical
 Classroom: Will be announced
 Time: Tuesday and Thursday
 10:00-12:00 AM
 Instructor: Rainer Fasching
 Building 530, Room 220
 Tel: 650-723-0084 
 Fax: 650-723-5034
 Email: rfasch at <mailto:rfasch at>

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