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Mon Aug 13 14:19:02 PDT 2012

Calcon received the need parts this morning.
After swapping out parts and changing our version of software, Calcon 
has the CL96 communicating with the rest of the TGO system.

Gases are back on and we are releasing tools back to the lab.

On 8/13/2012 7:29 AM, Ted Berg wrote:
> Good Morning All,
>     Just an update on the CL96 gas monitoring system. As most of you 
> know, there are many systems that are running behind the scenes to 
> keep the lab functional such as process cooling water, mechanical 
> pumps, fume scrubbers, acid waste neutralization, bulk gases, etc.
> One of the most important background systems is the toxic gas 
> monitoring system. The CL96 is one part of this important safety 
> system. It monitors several toxic gases to tools in the lab and *we 
> are not allowed to run the tools* if we cannot monitor the gases going 
> to them. Once again Calcon, our toxic gas company, is on site waiting 
> for parts to get this safety system back up. We are sorry for any 
> inconvenience.

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