Monday - Optical Properties of III-V Nanowire Arrays - McCullough 218 @ 2:30PM-3:00PM

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Nicklas Anttu from Professor Hongqi Xu's group at Lund University will be visiting Stanford on Monday. He will discuss the optical properties of nanowire arrays and present work on characterizing these arrays optically during a half-hour talk at 2:30PM in McCullough 218 followed by a short informal Q&A period. Please see the abstract below and circulate to your colleagues and students if you think they'd be interested. 

Please RSVP to me if you'd be interested in attending. Hope to see you there! 


Vijay Kris Narasimhan, International Fulbright S&T Fellow 
Cui & Melosh Research Groups 
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Optical Properties of III-V semiconductor nanowire arrays 
Monday, August 20, 2012, 2:30PM~3:00PM, McCullough 218 

Vertical III-V semiconductor nanowire arrays offer the possibility for highly tunable optical response in opto-electronic applications. In this presentation, I review the strongly diameter dependent absorption of light in InAs nanowire arrays. 1 Recent results of a four-fold absorption enhancement by a non-absorbing dielectric shell around the nanowires and the underlying physical mechanism will also be discussed. After that, a method for extracting the nanowire dimensions from measured reflectance spectra is demonstrated for as-grown InP nanowire arrays. Finally, a brief overview of the modeling of nanowire arrays for photovoltaics is given with emphasis on different optical loss mechanisms. 

[1] Wu, P. M.; Anttu, N.; Xu, H. Q.; Samuelson, L.; Pistol, M.-E. Nano Letters 2012 , 12 , 1990. 

Nicklas Anttu is a final year PhD student under the supervision of Professor Hongqi Xu at the Division of Solid State Physics at Lund University, Sweden. His research in nanophotonics is focused on the modeling of the optical response of nanostructures with special emphasis on semiconductor nanowires as well as plasmonic systems. 
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