Most SNF Tools are Shutdown 8/17/12

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Aug 17 16:36:09 PDT 2012


At about 3pm the SNF experience a number of tool faults.  What we have found out is, Cogen has lost the ability to provide chilled water.  This greatly impacts the SNF lab.  You will first notice the high room temperature in lab before you notice all the shutdown tools which need process cooling water, that is tied to Cogens' chilled water.  

The staff is busy shutting down pumps and furnace to prevent overheating damage.  If you have reservations for this evening it is highly unklikely the equipment will be available.  Please review Coral before heading to the fab.

The only report as to when we will get chilled water (and room temperature control and process cooling water) is "we don't know when it will be available."  Until Cogen is back and running the fab will have very limited equipment available for processing.

SNF Staff

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