Fwd: using Coral after installing Mac10.8

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 21 18:24:50 PDT 2012

SNF Lab Members:

Maurice has discovered that he was unable to run Remote Coral after 
upgrading to Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) without making a change to his 
security settings.  Here is Maurice's note including a discussion of the 
changes required to allow Remote Coral to run on a Mac with the latest OS.

If  you have a Mac that is running OSX 10.8, you will likely be 
similarly affected.

Thanks to Maurice for his good sleuthing ability ....

Have a good evening,


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Subject: 	using Coral after installing Mac10.8
Date: 	Tue, 21 Aug 2012 16:18:11 -0700
From: 	maurice stevens <maurice at stanford.edu>
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Hey guys,

I found I couldn't access coral this past weekend after installing the 
new version of Mac OS.  It wouldn't accept the certificate for the 
Coral.  After searching the web today I found the solution:


"It is new security feature in Mac OS X, by default only apps from Mac 
Store & from trusted developers are allowed to run there. Fortunatelly, 
it is easy to change, you have to allow this in Mac OS X preferences.

Go to Preferences -> Security & Privacy and click on padlock to allow 

Then in "Allow appications downloaded from" select "Anywhere".

After that, the button in Java dialog will be enabled."

Coral works after changing this in preferences.

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