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I have borrowed time on CO2 lasers on campus.  It's not efficient absorption
in glass, but it does work. I created a dwg file and used that for the
pattern. The one I used was in a specific research group and I don't know if
it is around anymore.


One piece of advice - metalize the surface with 1 um of aluminum before
ablating.   The slag from the machining will deposit back and make the
surface really crappy.  If you put down this metal layer, it's thin enough
that it ablates off quickly.  Also Al reflectivity in IR is not nearly so
high as in the visible spectrum (unlike gold).  Clean off the slag after the
ablation mechanically and with rinsing, and then follow with a sulfuric
perioxide clean. You'll get a nice clean surface.


Tony Flannery



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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for vendors in the area who do
good (and cheap) laser (or other methods) of glass machining.  On each glass
slide, I'm just looking to do a few holes in the mm range, so it doesn't
have to be anything super fancy.



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