EE PhD Oral Examination

Crystal Rose Kenney ckenney at
Wed Aug 22 17:40:32 PDT 2012

PhD Dissertation Defense 

Exploiting non-linear Arrhenius dependence of diode IV curves to extract Schottky barrier band diagrams 

Crystal Kenney 

Department of Electrical Engineering 

Advisor(s): Prof. Krishna Saraswat and Prof. H.S. Philip Wong 

Thursday August 30th 2012 

10:00 am 

(Refreshments at 9:45 am) 

Location: Packard 202 


Accurate extraction of Schottky barrier height is imperative to the development of low resistance contacts. An analytical model for current density is proposed that accurately accounts for conduction in the thermionic emission (TE), thermionic field emission (TFE), and field emission (FE) regimes. Use of this model in non-linear regression allows more information to be extracted from diode IVT curves than previously possible. The proposed model uses the Arrhenius non-linear dependence experimental diode IV curves to regress the Schottky barrier height (φB0), steepness factor (E00), and Fermi level (ξ), enabling band diagrams of the measured interfaces to be determined. This model is tested against both simulated interfaces using the tranismission matrix method (TMM) and experimental data. This complete picture of band information allows material interface behavior to be understood more completely, ultimately facilitating more efficient contact engineering. 

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