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Although there may be minor chemical differences, Pyrex 7740 is Corning's trade name for a glass whose primary constituent is borosilicate glass. Have you actually asked about the differences between the borosilicate glass you have been quoted and true Pyrex 7740?  They may be chemically very similar, but the vendor may be careful not to use a trademarked name if Corning is not their supplier. 

You may be asking for champagne, and being told that they only sell California sparkling wine. 

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On Aug 24, 2012, at 6:21 PM, Max Marcel Shulaker <maxms at> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> Thanks for all of the responses for the glass drilling - the response was really amazing.
> I was wondering if anyone knew a place where you can purchase glass coverslips for bonding?
> For the anodic bonding, it should be type Pyres 7740, however, every coverslip I have seen is borosilicate.
> Does anyone have suggestions for getting this type of glass/ in something roughly 25mm*25mm or 25*50mm (size can be different, but on this order)?  Or, does anyone have experience bonding with borosilicate or some other glass which can be bought in these rough dimensions? (thickness ~300um)
> Thanks for your help, 
> Max Shulaker

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