New Prudential Gown Services starting Sept. 4th.

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Fri Aug 31 11:44:49 PDT 2012

	Starting Tuesday, Sept 4th we will be removing all gowns from hangers twice per month.  Once in the beginning and a second time on or around the 15th of each month.   If you are in the facility prior to the gowns being pulled in the morning, please recycle your garments on your way out.  The new gowns are owned by Prudential and will be maintained by them.  Based on those that responded to the survey a statistically estimated stock level across the size distributions are available and in circulation.

New for users:
Your hood and boots need to be strapped or snapped to the gown or hanger.  We should no longer have shortages of boots and boot pairs in the inventory.

We will stock the bins as best we can the first several days after removing all the gowns.  Until storage location and inventory details are fully implemented please be patient with my stock room staff.  

If you know you are only visiting our facility once or twice in a month, please do not use a hanger, rather place your garments into the garment recycle bin as you exit.  We have enough garments to accommodate your needs and we do not pay based on number of wash cycles.

For those that are in the XS, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL garment sizing, please use a hanger to to insure your needs are met.  For those not in this distribution of sizing, please do not use garments, this inventory is very constrained.

If you come across damaged garments, please make a knot out of the item and place in the garment recycle.  Prudential takes that as an indication for inspection on their part.

For future reference:
We are looking at increasing the space for our gown room to improve circulation of clean air and to prevent the occasional overcrowding that occurs at peak entry times.  This will also improve our space to keep garment stock conveniently located.

I expect there may be concerns or questions, please to prevent email overload, reply with your questions to me directly.

Brett E. Huff
SNF Clean Room Manager
Stanford University
bhuff at

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