Renovation Update

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Feb 2 12:50:00 PST 2012

Hello all --

Inquiring minds really want to know, but I'm afraid we still do not yet 
have a definite lab opening date.  Please be assured, progress is very 
good and inspections are mostly done.  The lab is now officially no 
longer a construction zone, so SNF staff were allowed back into the lab 
yesterday (yay!)  Note that this is ONE WEEK AHEAD of the schedule 
posted in December.  A lot of whining from us persuaded the project 
managers to work hard to bring in the date.  Many thanks and kudos to 
the excellent construction team who worked extra shifts and weekends to 
make it happen.

There are still, however, a number of to-be-resolved issues.  Most are 
unrelated to the original renovation; they nonetheless prevent the lab 
from opening, just yet.  Permit inspections highlighted code compliance 
issues (who knew there's an ADA requirement that all flashing emergency 
beacons, i.e., fire and TGO alarms, be synched?)  And some renovation 
tasks triggered other upgrade projects.  In short, there will continue 
to be planned interruptions in building-wide facilities over the next 
several days (namely, process cooling water, compressed air and 
nitrogen, as well as local facilities testing/validation for the new 
building control system).  This weekend, there will be another round of 
professional cleaning, a best-practices 24-hour "rest time", and then 
recertification of the cleanroom Monday.

The SNF staff plans to make as much use of this time as possible.   
There was a lot more involved in this shutdown than in our regular 
annual routine so will take more time than usual to recover.  The 
maintenance crew is cautiously turning tools on.  Process staff is 
decontaminating.  Everyone is helping move the portable tools back into 
the lab and setting them up again.  However, until we are done with the 
rolling facilities blackouts, we won't be able to fully turn on and test 

Please be aware that the cleanroom remains off-limits and closed for all 
except relevant personnel.  Everyone is welcome to view the lab from the 
outside (although if all has gone well, you shouldn't see any 
significant changes.)  But if you'd like to look at it from the inside, 
there is only one way:  volunteers are welcome to help with 
decontamination and wipe downs - though you must accompany a staff 
member as there are "dirty zones" and ongoing repair and project work 
that must not be disrupted.

Please also be aware that last phase of the renovation, the 
Nanosynthesis Lab, is just starting.  This means that the hall area 
outside the gowning room, just beyond the Receiving area corridor, 
remains a construction zone and therefore is off limits to all except 
construction crews.  Make sure to observe the red tape and signs.

Many thanks for your patience -- we are all very excited about the 
renovated lab (you would not believe how quiet the lab is with the new 
HEPAs!) and will continue to keep you posted as we get nearer to 
bringing up the lab.

Your SNF Staff

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Paul G. Allen Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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