Gryphon Sputter Retirement

Pradeep Nataraj pradeep.nataraj at
Wed Feb 8 16:51:02 PST 2012

Dear Ed,

I understand the need for to retire the beloved Gryphon for many reasons.
As of my knowledge, that the Intlvac is not fully functional yet or is
it completely characterized?
Do we have a good understanding and confidence on Intlvac like we do
on gryphon?

I know Maurice and Jim have spent lot of time on the tool, and the
good part is that, they know the Gryphon very well.
I am not very keen on retiring the tool for good.

As of my understanding you can only load max of 2 to 3 wafers in
Intlvac ( I am guessing) with the pump down of 2 hrs.
Gryphon is way faster than that, and handles up to 14 wafers.
 It is sad to loose the tool that, we know works well when it is
working and most importantly
staff has spent lot of time on it and they know how to fix it.

 I don't know like the idea of getting rid of Gryphon for good. But
that's just me !

I know space is a big issue in the lab, can we some how find a place
for it ( how about outside?)

I also want to make sure that the Intlvac should be fully functional,
before you retire the Gryphon.
The lab members have no other semi clean metal tool that, they can use
other than Gryphon.

Please lab member's and staff let us know your feedback!

Thank you,

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 2:56 PM, Ed Myers <edmyers at> wrote:
> All,
> Time has come to retire another tool from it's long term SNF service.  With
> the influx of new tools and the characterization of the Intlvac_sputter,
> it's time for the Gryphon metal system to vacate it's space.  The Gryphon is
> being removed from the SNF fab during the renovation shut-down.  The three
> new PlasmaTherm etchers will be delivered on Wednesday, Feb. 15th.  Two of
> these etchers (the metal and dielectric etchers) will be located in the
> space vacated by the Gryphon and the old SCT location.
> Depositions which have been done in the Gryphon need to be moved to one of
> the Intlvac metal systems.  The Intlvac_sputter is configured with an ion
> source for pre-sputter etch (etch rates >90 Ang/min) and dual AC depositions
> (deposition rates of 1 micron/min for Al).  The system is not load lock, so
> the pumpdown to base is longer taking approximately 2 hours.  The wafer
> carrier is designed to fit 4, four inch wafers (pieces are allowed) but the
> wafers are not thermally heat sinked.  Depositions of pure Al at 1
> micron/min have displayed more surface roughness than what was observed in
> the Gryphon.  The Intlvac_sputter characterization report will soon be
> posted on the lab members Wiki.
> If you have any questions regarding the Intlvac systems please contact Ed
> Myers.
> Regards,
> SNF Staff

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