Soft cantilevers and air-water interfaces

Joey Doll jcdoll at
Wed Feb 8 19:28:09 PST 2012

Hi Labmembers -
I have some soft silicon cantilevers (e.g. 1 mN/m) that tend to break
when removed from water. They can enter liquid without breaking, but
upon exiting they get stuck at the air-water interface and either
stick to the die or just snap off. Does anyone have any tips for
safely removing soft cantilevers from liquid? Some of the devices are
bare silicon while others are coated with parylene, and I've tested
lower surface tension liquids (e.g. ethanol) and oxygen plasma to
render the surface hydrophilic without much success. This is after the
devices have exited the SNF and CPD isn't an option. Any
suggestions/thoughts you have would be much appreciated.


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