Renovation Update/Tentative Lab Opening Date - Wed!

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Feb 10 17:01:06 PST 2012

Dear Labmembers --

Thanks for your patience.  Things are really finally coming together.  
The contractors are done with the lab.   However, work on some 
facilities continues.  The Stanford Building services group is now 
tidying up loose ends.  Today, the process cooling water, compressed 
air, and the scrubbers were down.  Scrubbers will remain down through 
probably through Monday, which means no chemicals or other hazardous 
materials can be used.  Monday, we will lose nitrogen for the building.  
This should be the last of the facilities shutdowns.  Over the past 10 
days, in between shutdowns, staff has been cautiously turning on tools 
and making repairs to those that didn't do well with the long shutdown.  
Staff have also been busy unpacking stored items, wiping every surface 
down, and preparing space for the new etchers due to arrive shortly.  
(MANY thanks to those labmembers who came in to help wipe, scrape, haul, 
and label!)  However, because of the facilities shutdowns, there has 
been little opportunity to test the equipment so tool status is still 
largely uncertain.Tuesday, we hope we will be fully back online with 
facilities to continue with decontamination and systems testing.

We're tentatively hoping to reopen the lab on *Wednesday morning, at 10 
am*.  This will allow the staff to meet in the morning to assess the lab 
and update Coral.  Please make sure to check Coral for details on tool 
status as we do expect some critical tools to remain down and other 
tools to be functionally tested, but not process-qualified.  This time 
and date may be subject to change -- we will let you know as soon as we 
do of any definite changes to the plan.

James reports the Raith system has been fully tested and should be ready 
to use Tuesday.  Please check Coral for status and check with James 
about using the system -- please be aware that support systems (coaters, 
for example) may not be available then.

Lastly, the next phase of the renovation is beginning:  the nSiL (Nano 
Structure Interfaces Lab).  The corridor at the end of the hall is 
blocked off as a construction zone.  Make sure to respect the barriers 
and signs.

Your SNF Staff

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Paul G. Allen Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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