SNF logo contest: five days to go!

Roger T. Howe rthowe at
Sun Feb 12 18:55:03 PST 2012

Dear SNF Labmembers,

Just a reminder that the logo contest closes at 5:00 pm this Friday -- 5 
days to go.

I've received several submissions, but it's still not a high percentage 
of the more than 200-strong user community.

Roger Howe

On 2/3/12 8:27 AM, Roger T. Howe wrote:
> Dear SNF Labmembers,
> As we all eagerly await the re-opening of the SNF and the 
> installation, permitting, and release this spring of the three new 
> PlasmaTherm dry etchers, the new Oxford III-V etcher, the 2nd Centura 
> epi chamber, our 2nd Fiji PE-ALD, and our 2nd Savannah (to be operated 
> in a glovebox for molecular vapor deposition), I'd like to invite you 
> to participate in a competition for a new logo for the SNF.  Our 
> current logo (see the website to check it out) dates to the beginning 
> of NNUN in the mid-1990s.  All with artistic talent, or without it for 
> that matter, are invited to design a new logo over the next two 
> weeks.  This email is going to the labmember community, but we'd like 
> to open it to your friends, as well.
> The deadline is 5:00 pm, Pacific Time, Friday, February 17. Please 
> send it in .gif, .jpg, or .pdf format.  A committee consisting of the 
> senior SNF staff and I will select the winner.  The prize:  a Kindle 
> Fire.
> Thanks,
> Roger Howe

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