Lab Bins and Lockers!

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Feb 17 18:03:12 PST 2012

Dear labmembers --

We know this is a subject that is dear to your hearts:  storage bins.  
We have had two problems with bin management that we hope to address 
this year.  First, there never seems to be enough bins.  Actually, with 
300 bins in the lab, there should be enough to supply one for every 
labmember who spends more than even just 5 hours/month in the lab.  The 
issue has been staying on top with labmembers who are not very active or 
who have left.  Second (and actually a more serious problem) is that 
unless a bin subscription is actively canceled or transferred, we may 
continue to bill expired accounts.  Although it's not a lot of money, it 
creates some really serious accounting problems.

So, starting this year, we will be requiring each labmember to actively 
renew their bin or locker subscriptions each month.  It will be a simple 
online procedure, but you have to verify that you are still using the 
bin or locker and that you are accepting this charge on your project. 
Bins and lockers that are not renewed may be reassigned.  And you can 
transfer your bin assignment to a labmate, if you like.  As before, bin 
and locker assignments are subject to availability -- and active lab use 
by the individual labmember, as defined by equipment enabling.

We will begin assigning lab bins on Wednesday, Feb. 22.  In general, 
priority will be given to labmembers who capped in Oct/Nov before 
shutdown; those who are actively using the lab right now (i.e., enabling 
tools for hours, as opposed to minutes); and those wonderful souls who 
helped with the lab shutdown and startup.

In the meantime, if you are working in the lab this weekend, you may 
bring your personal items into the lab and place them temporarily in one 
empty bin, provided you leave a note clearly showing your Coral ID and 
contact info.  Be aware, though, that bins will be assigned randomly so 
that you should move/remove your belongings by Wednesday when 
assignments begin.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we work on this new system --

Your SNF staff

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