Lab Bins and Lockers!

Usha Raghuram usharaghuram at
Tue Feb 21 10:35:31 PST 2012

Hi Mary,

Happy new year.  I am so glad that the lab is open now.  Great job by the
team to have many tools functioning when the lab reopened.  As I was
covering fro another colleague of mine who had to go on leave of absence, I
was unable to help out during the transition.  I will be able to do some
work going forward.  Please let me know if you need any help.

I would like to keep the bin I have in the litho area.  Mihir also has lab
bins and we would like to retain those under Intermolecular account as we
have other users from Intermolecular (Ludwig & Aleta and Xuena).  I will
fill out the paperwork when you post the link.



On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Mary Tang <mtang at> wrote:

> Dear labmembers --
> We know this is a subject that is dear to your hearts:  storage bins.  We
> have had two problems with bin management that we hope to address this
> year.  First, there never seems to be enough bins.  Actually, with 300 bins
> in the lab, there should be enough to supply one for every labmember who
> spends more than even just 5 hours/month in the lab.  The issue has been
> staying on top with labmembers who are not very active or who have left.
>  Second (and actually a more serious problem) is that unless a bin
> subscription is actively canceled or transferred, we may continue to bill
> expired accounts.  Although it's not a lot of money, it creates some really
> serious accounting problems.
> So, starting this year, we will be requiring each labmember to actively
> renew their bin or locker subscriptions each month.  It will be a simple
> online procedure, but you have to verify that you are still using the bin
> or locker and that you are accepting this charge on your project. Bins and
> lockers that are not renewed may be reassigned.  And you can transfer your
> bin assignment to a labmate, if you like.  As before, bin and locker
> assignments are subject to availability -- and active lab use by the
> individual labmember, as defined by equipment enabling.
> We will begin assigning lab bins on Wednesday, Feb. 22.  In general,
> priority will be given to labmembers who capped in Oct/Nov before shutdown;
> those who are actively using the lab right now (i.e., enabling tools for
> hours, as opposed to minutes); and those wonderful souls who helped with
> the lab shutdown and startup.
> In the meantime, if you are working in the lab this weekend, you may bring
> your personal items into the lab and place them temporarily in one empty
> bin, provided you leave a note clearly showing your Coral ID and contact
> info.  Be aware, though, that bins will be assigned randomly so that you
> should move/remove your belongings by Wednesday when assignments begin.
> Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we work on this new system --
> Your SNF staff
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