Remot Coral fixes ... Part Deux

John Shott shott at
Sun Jul 1 08:58:34 PDT 2012

SNF Lab Members:

Several of you have indicated that the first purging of the application 
did not work for you.  While I've not seen detailed logs from those 
failures, I've seen a couple that indicate an error message related to 
the certificate that accompanies the third-party Jar file that comes 
from th Legion of the Bouncy Castle (

Here is what I suggest you do to force it to download a fresh version to 
see if the problem goes away:

1. Fire up "javaws -viewer" again. from the "Run ..." item in the Start 

2. In the Java Cache Viewer where it normally shows Applications, select 
Show: Resources

3. That will show you all of the Jar files.

4. Click the "Name" heading on the leftmost column of that panel which 
will alphabetize them.

5. Scroll down until you see provider.jar (note: there may be several of 

6. Assuming that there is more than one provider.jar listed, select the 
top one on the list by clicking on that row and then move your mouse to 
the bottom one and click again, but with the shift button held down.  
This will select all instances of provider.jar.

7. After they are all selected, click the Red "X" at the top center of 
that panel to delete all of them.

8. Then re-select the Applications item  in the Show: box and select 
Remote Coral (SNF) from the list of applications.  Note: if you want to 
re-add the desktop icon, click the icon that has the gray arrow pointing 
up to the right.  Then click the green arrow which will try to run 
Remote Coral and should download a fresh version of provider.jar which, 
I know to be properly signed.

Before it gets fully started, it should first download that file and 
then may give you a Security Warning that asks "Do you want to run this 
application?" (or something list that ...).  You may have a "More 
Information" link that you can click.  If you follow that, it should 
show you a certificate from the Legion of the Bouncy Castle.  In any 
event, back on the Security Warning panel is a Check Box for "I accept 
the risk ...." that you should check and then there is a "Run" button.

I'm hopeful that this will get things started for you.

Good luck,


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