Introduction of Brett Huff and Michelle Rincon

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Dear Lab members:

We have added two staff this summer to support the lab: Mr. Brett Huff 
and Dr. Michelle Rincon.They sit in the same office at 144 Allen.

Michelle is a Process Development Engineer and her first areas of 
responsibility will be ALD and CMP.While Dr. J Provine is still here for 
us to consult with, Michelle will be gradually taking over ownership of 
the tools, processes and training for the 3 existing ALDs and helping 
with the start-up of the next 2.She will also be slowly taking ownership 
of the CMP tool from Dr. Ed Myers, who also will still be around to 
support the tool& processes with his expert input.She is a part of the 
Renovation 2 team that will be replacing our wet benches over the next 3 

Michelle's background includes 9 years at Intel/Numonyx (the Intel/ST 
Flash Memory spin-off) where she focused on process development 
primarily for flash memory down to the 45nm node.  She developed batch 
and single wafer cleans and transferred them to high volume 
manufacturing sites within the US, Europe, and Asia.

Most recently, Michelle spent a couple of years at a start-up focused on 
using nano materials to make lithium ion battery components.  Her 
educational background is in Chemical Engineering with her PhD from Penn 
State and her BS from Northwestern.

Brettis now the SNF Cleanroom Manager and his position involves three 
main priorities: safety, process tool availability and cleanroom 
micro-contamination.  Brett is also chairing our more formalized Change 
Control Board (CCB)/Spec Matcommittee, meeting every Friday.   Elmer, 
Gary, Ted and Jim H., are all now supervised by Brett is his position to 
insure the cleanroom and the process tools stay safely operational.

Brett served 21.5 years at Intel.  The first 7 years were spent in 
process module development for PECVD thin films applications.  The next 
7 years were spent doing process integration, primarily mid 
section/contact modules and back end dielectrics and polish.  Brett 
moved to Intel Capital for 3 years where he worked to integrate a highly 
reflective Al layer into an existing Intel Cu technology for the purpose 
of selective projection displays.  His final years were spent in Q&R 
working on yield issues and change control procedures.  Brett comes to 
SNF from 2 years of fab management at SRI International in Menlo Park.He 
holds an Engineering BS from the University of Minnesota.

Brett's extension is x4-0847 and Michelle's is x5-0307.Feel free to drop 
by and introduce yourself to either or both in the offices or in the 
fab.And please make them feel welcome coming to Stanford.


John Bumgarner

Operations Director

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