Disk usage ... an update ...

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 24 11:32:29 PDT 2012

SNF Lab Members:

Some of you have sent me email stating: Person X is gone ...

While I appreciate your willingness to help, we try to be somewhat 
systematic about removing lab members.

Here is what we do (and we do this annually):

If someone shows no Coral activity (equipment use, reservations, 
inventory check outs, subscriptions, etc) for the last 3 years truncated 
to the start of the year (that is 01-JAN-2009), we then dump all of 
their files to tertiary storage, deactivate them, remove them from 
things like mailing lists, etc.  I am doing this housekeeping (with a 
series of scripts) as I type this.  It takes a number of hours to 
complete ...

You might think that 3 years is too long a period to wait, but you'd be 
surprised by the number of folks that come back either working for a 
company, as a faculty member or post-doc at another institution, even 
after they have "left".

In any event, this is a more convenient way of "cleaning up" in bulk and 
gives us fewer places to look for old records if/when someone shows back 
up after more than 3 years looking for something.

Some of you have also written to say "I don't keep any files" on the 
Coral computers.  If you don't, but you still show up on the over-100MB 
list, that usually means that you have a big Firefox (or Mozilla) cache 
or have downloaded things like videos.  For example, some of you likely 
have local stored copies of various SNF training videos (say, 
delrin_tweezers.wmv, sgv.wmv, etc).  Since those files are always 
available at our web site, you don't need a local copy and deleting 
those local copies of Windows Media Viewer files helps everyone.

Thanks for you continued support,


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