DRIE process vendors

Min-Chieh Ho minchieh at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 24 12:24:30 PDT 2012

Dear Labmembers, 

I am looking for some DRIE etcher that can etch large area, shallow circles (e.g. 2000 um radius, 10 um deep) with good within-wafer uniformity. (< 5% depth variation) -- I don't quite care about the sidewall profile or other issues, but just etch rate control and uniformity. 
Unfortunately, our STS1 or STS2 wasn't able to give me good enough uniformity. 

If you know any vendors providing the DRIE etch service, or other facilities having a good DRIE etcher that I can possibly have access to, can you please let me know? 
I'll probably start with sending out some test wafers (or go there personally) to etch and then check out the uniformity. 

Thank you~ 


Min-Chieh Ho 
Ginzton Lab 
Stanford University 
Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Electrical Engineering 
minchieh at stanford.edu 

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