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J Provine jprovine at stanford.edu
Sat Jul 28 20:33:40 PDT 2012

hello labmembers,
i would like to have your help in locating someone or something.

sometime today (saturday july 28th) between 2pm and 8pm someone stole two
4" single wafer trays of mine from the table by the fiji.  they had my name
and the name of hongyuan (a student working with me) on them.  they were
empty waiting for the wafers being processed to fill them up when
complete.  now a 4" single wafer tray isn't that expensive or a big deal.
stealing is.  so:

1) if you took it, put it back and never ever treat your fellow labmembers
with such disrespect again.
2) if you know who took it, please ask them more nicely to return it and
encourage them to start acting like a grownup.  or let me know and i'll
utilize this teaching moment to hopefully improve a misguided mind in our
3) if you know nothing of this incident, but are concerned about the
community and continued and improving excellence of our lab, do not let
shallow poor behavior exist should you run across anything similar in your
time in this lab.

i mildly desire to know who did this and wasted my time,
i strongly desire such a betrayal of the trust within the SNF community
never to be perpetrated again.

and if you need a 4" single wafer carrier, just ask me like the responsible
adult i assumed you were.

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