New Plasmatherm PECVD "ccp" and "icp" tools

John Bumgarner jwb2005 at
Wed Jun 13 10:40:42 PDT 2012


This is notification that if you want to use the new Plasmatherm PECVD 
tools, please see Nancy Latta for training prior to any usage (hard 
requirement).  Jim McVittle is the technical expert, but Nancy must 
approve all users.

Use of these tools will meet the following general criteria.

For our cross contamination control strategy, we all calling these "All" 
tools.  This does not mean all materials are allowed.  It means that you 
can run "Au contaminated," "Semiclean" and "Clean" wafers and they will 
come out in the same category as they went in.

Important for "Clean" users - you must assume the tool is dirty when you 
enable and as such, you MUST run both the recipe to clean the chamber 
and the recipe to coat the chamber (and insure no cross contamination) 
prior to running your wafers.  Please see Nancy for details.

The only materials that may be run in these tools are the same as have 
been previously approved to run in STS Dep tool.  This is subject to 
change over time only through the Spec Mat/CCB process.  Additional 
information will be added to the Wiki for the tools over time.

Any questions, please see Nancy first before proceeding.

These are new tools, please follow the rules and keep them in good 
condition.  As a reminder, failure to follow the usage rules will result 
in your access to SNF being deactivated for a period of time.



John Bumgarner, PhD
Operations Director SNF

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